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You Can Lose Weight Over Christmas!

You Can Lose Weight over Christmas. In fact, it can turn out to be the best way for you to literally get through the festive period without calorie counting, depriving yourself, or taking supplements etc. How is this possible, you say? Well, it’s all to do with following a few habit tips that play right into one of the festive season’s greatest things – being social!

We all know that once eaten it only takes seconds for the food to reach our stomach and scientists say that it takes a full 20 minutes for your stomach to tell the brain it’s full. No surprise then that we push in all those extra mouthfuls of food around us as happens at that time of year – those extra spoonful’s, ‘I must try that etc. etc….’ All before the “I’M FULL – STOP EATING’ message arrives from the brain, and we get that “I’M FULL NOW” feeling.

So, simply eating slower you can dramatically reduce the number of calories you take in per meal.

Sitting down, eating and chatting with your friends and family, both before and during courses… not only does it make the experience that much more enjoyable, it also helps you lose weight too!

So don’t feel bad about talking at the table and when eating, just tell people you’re actually keeping them healthy too!

Some Suggestions:

Take your time eating and enjoy it! Chew your food properly. scientists say each mouthful should be chewed at least 30 times, softer foods like mashed potatoes 5-10 times. Research shows that people chewing more thoroughly lost more weight than those chewing less!  …and the act of chewing releases enzymes which aid digestion and help prevent gas, nausea and abdominal pain plus increase absorption of nutrients. Naturally, the longer you chew your food and enjoy its textures and flavours, the less calories going in – think about it!

Sit down wherever possible! We all know how we eat when on-the-go! Grabbing a sandwich, burger, pasty etc. and it’s down the gullet before we know it – and still feeling hungry a few moments later! It’s easier to ‘graze’  too, standing up near the buffet.

Always leave food on your plate! When you leave food on your plate you are subconsciously giving the control back to you. This will also make you feel proud of yourself too!

You can also put your cutlery down between mouthfuls! This may sound obvious but you are breaking that ‘conveyor belt’ mentality, shifting your food-to-mouth as swiftly as possible, ignoring the opportunity of chatting and enjoying each other’s company

Drink during your meal! If you have a glass of water (or maybe a little wine) then, making sure you finish a mouthful, put your cutlery down and take a sip quite frequently throughout the meal. 

 Set the mood on ‘slow’: put on music, dim the lights and/or light candles. It doesn’t have to be a romantic meal to be worth making a mealtime special. The pace of relaxing music should influence the speed at which you eat, and if you’re further relaxed by the lighting, in total you’re likely to have a far ‘slower’ meal.

So, there you have it. I hope this makes good practical sense to you and will help you to get through the Christmas party and family celebrations.

If you are fed up of following diets that just don’t work for you would like some help to overcome your difficulties losing and managing your weight, there is lots I can do to help you, for example:

Developing the festive eating habit

Health eating

Emotional/comfort eating

Secret eating

Exercise motivation

And these are just a few. Ask for a Free Consultation.

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