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Free yourself from depression, anxiety and or anger. Brian Cooper is a specialist in mental health and wellbeing and has helped a lot of people to learn how to get back in control again, lift depression, and overcome and manage anxiety and anger problems to get their lives back.


Let him help you too.Need more energy! a boost to your natural resilience? Tired Of Thinking The Same Thoughts & Getting The Same Results – Learn How To Step Up To A whole New Way Of Getting The Life You Want… A whole new way of thinking with the wonderful power of NLP, HeartMath Coaching, Hypnosis and much more…

Brian Cooper offers you the most effective way to help you to get rid of negative emotional patterns of behaviour which continue to stand in your way of getting the life and career you want.

Have you got yourself into a rut, stuck with some unhelpful old habits, probably as a result of bad experiences such as bullying or abuse in your past which still get in the way of your progression?

These can be anything from lacking confidence in social situations, shyness, panic or over reacting angrily to situations which prevent you getting on in your life and career.

Maybe you feel you have a ‘glass ceiling’ preventing you from going for a better job, following your dreams etc. etc. Public speaking, confidence at interviews, fear of success, fear of failure, good organisational habits, time management, and much more – just a few of the many problems I can help you with.

Your Future Begins When You Find our more about what I can do for you.

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