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Weak Bladder Problems

Weak Bladder Problems

Worried about going out or travelling due to a weak bladder, and needing to be near a toilet? Nervous bladder? Fear of not getting to the toilet on time?

I have helped lots of people complaining of difficulties with their bladder, or bowels, such as getting to the toilet on time, fear of having an embarrassing accident etc.This problem can be easily cured with hypnosis.

Sometimes it starts following a lot of stress but often it has been a lifetime struggle, and can even run in families. The problem is, that the more we dwell on it, the greater the problem becomes. It doesn’t help that most town centres and other public areas no longer provide public toilets, and when you find one – and you are desperate – will you have to wait?

Having a weak or lazy bladder can seriously affect your career prospects, and many people avoid going out and socialising, which often leads to depression.

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