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Brian Cooper has helped many people overcome problems using hypnosis, hypnotherapy and nlp.

“I had tried everything to cope with my painful back and came to see you at a time when I felt ready to give up!!. I wish I had come to see you first – I would have saved a lot of money and suffering…” BL

“I had tried everything to help me with my weight issue. It is only hypnotherapy that has allowed my mind to help me change – best money I have spent” MS

“I came to see you……. for weight management and I just wanted to give you some feedback. I have lost a stone in weight since our sessions, and I now feel much more in control of my eating habits. I havent been dieting at all, however I can now stop eating when I am full, and I believe that this is down to our sessions! Thank you so much for all of your support!” SM

“Very satisfied, I am still not smoking and never thought it would be easy as it has been…. comment from client who I helped last year. PJ

“I was not sure about hypnosis but I needed to do somthing about my panic as it was controlling my life and getting me down….. I found it so relaxing and Brian was so gentle with me, he had me feeling completely at ease within a few moments….. I am now getting on with my life…. Thank you so much…” RT (Miss)

“Before coming to see you, I had tried every diet going and had become so dispairing I had given up….. I have spent and spent on every diet going and non of them helped me….. I had developed diabetes and chronic pain because of my problem; but now I am eating healthily and its so easy I am now getting my weight down, my knees are better and my sugar levels too. Many thanks…..” PC

“Fantastic Practical Help – Explaining why things are happening – how to deal with them and how to move forward – it makes sense and allowed me to make sense of my feelings… Answered needs – Beyond what I had hoped for…. It has allowed me to face the past – come to terms with things and move forward.” S.W. (Mrs.)

“Quite nervous to start with but was put at ease straight away. Explained the process in great detail and was very understanding.” G.W. (Mr.)

“I told [Brian] I don’t sleep very well, if at all! Brian told me he would help me relax, he put me in trance! I was aware of all he was saying at all times, after the session, I felt I could face the world. That night I slept properly for the first time in ages….” B.J. (Mr.)

“Thank you for helping me by teaching me strategies, including breathing techniques, to reduce stress. These techniques are invaluable in helping me cope with fibromyalgia which is aggravated by stress and which causes stress in itself. I now feel more in charge and better able to cope with life and work. Thanks again”. CP

“I would like to thank you for the sessions you gave me last year…. I have a new start and a new beginning. Thanks again for your help.” David

“I found the therapy very good, it helped me to relax, and kept ideas of me driving well…” S.D. (Miss)

“You made me feel very comfortable and at ease. The experience was pleasant…” A.F. (Mrs.)

“I am really pleased with the way I am feeling at the moment. I feel much more relaxed…” L.W. (Mrs)

And from someone who wasn’t sure about hypnosis:

“Training on breathing techniques was absolutely invaluable and something I use every day, especially when experiencing anxiety attacks….. I have fewer flashbacks and those I have not been as distressing so the experience has been invaluable….. my quality of life has improved as a result of my sessions.” L.R. (MRS.)