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Stress Management

Is stress taking away control of your life! Do you feel your health and wellbeing is becoming impaired because of all the negative stress in your life just now? You can learn to take back control instantly, when you need it learning a few simple techniques that Brian Cooper has put together to help you! Imagine, with a little practice – complete control – and it’s incredibly easy.


There are two types of stress we need to consider:

  • Normal (busy) Stress – we can call this: Twenty First Century Stress – which is brought about by the many challenges we face in our daily lives, coping with the Digital Age. Then there is:
  • Negative Stress, caused by all the negative thoughts we allow through our mind, such as worry, anger, frustration, sadness etc.

Many people believe they thrive on being busy, whether for positive, or negative reasons! manage your stress with Brian Cooper.

If we have too much stress going on, this is going to impair our effectiveness.

Negative stress is a major factor in anxiety, panic, depression, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, me, and medically unexplained symptoms. It is also strongly linked to weight problems, diabetes, smoking, and alcohol and drug abuse.

Yes, you can experience complete control of your emotions, even when the going gets tough – in real time – no matter where you are or what you are doing! Brian Cooper will help you get the best, just by learning some of the most powerful wellbeing tools available today.

At your first session, you will have an explanation about the causes and effects of stress, and then have opportunity to experience and learn Self-Hypnosis skills. Then you will progress on to learning some very effective techniques that can be tailored to help you to achieve whatever your goals are – Brian can even help if as yet you are not sure, but realise you need to do something different than you are presently.

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