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Stop Smoking

Stop smoking easily and effectively with the power of hypnosis.  Increase your health and well-being and have more money in your pocket!


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Want to stop smoking but finding it difficult., feel addicted to nicotine because the symptoms keep overpowering you and maybe make you feel anxious and panicky? Look No Further!

Smoking is basically a ‘hard-wired’ habit you developed early on. Habits, like smoking can be notoriously difficult to break using just your willpower.

Brian uses his experience of treating your smoking problem through the powerful techniques of hypnosis, hypnotherapy and NLP to help you quit for good – think of the money you will save, and the improvements to your health and wellbeing. Think how much better you will feel as a non-smoker. Some people these days only smoke for social reasons and actually hate the habit. There are better, healthier ways of dealing with this.

Brian really wants to help you stop smoking because with several years background as a Nurse, he has seen first-hand the damage caused. He will help you to decide what is going to work best for you. No more messing around, he will agree a convenient time for you. You will find that hypnosis and is actually very pleasant and relaxing, and nothing like stage hypnosis. Your session will take around 90 minutes and afterwards,you will receive a quality CD recording of the session.

Do you realize that if you are smoking 20 a day, at £8 a packet you will save around £250 a month – that’s £3000 a year. Making savings like that, surely it is worth giving hypnotherapy a try. Your health is much more important though. Not just for you but your partner, family and children – so how can you afford not to give it a try? It is never too late to stop smoking and the sooner you do the better your long-term health will be.

I strongly and respectively recommend you also avoid nicotine replacement patches or ‘e’ cigarettes as they merely keep your habit going and can also be quite toxic.
The best way to do it is to get nicotine completely out of your body – this only takes around 2-3 days if flushed away by drinking lots of water. The main problem you are likely to be left with is the habit factor, and this is where hypnosis and NLP is the realistic treatment of choice.

Brian will program your subconscious with new and positive alternatives and undo any desire. You will also receive a CD recording of the hypnosis that will protect you from setbacks.


I personally contact everyone after the session to ensure the session has gone well for them, to offer support and advice and to maintain my high success rate.

Discounts are also available to couples wanting to quit together.

Hypnotherapy has proved itself over the years to be the most effective approach for ridding you of the smoking habit.


Having read so far, just think again about the savings you are going to make as a non-smoker at over £8 per packet! How many is that a week… a month?…….. With savings like that, surely, this opportunity is too good to miss…… And what about your health too?

Most people only need a single session and this will cost just £80. It will also include a CD of the hypnosis too. And, during the months of June and July, you will also qualify for a complimentary hypnosis recording from a selection of popular needs, such as confidence, self-esteem, stress management, public speaking, and more….

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