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Sleep Problems

Not sleeping well, insomnia, excessive dreaming, waking up exhausted and tired. don’t put up with it! sleep is vital to your health and often associated with depression.


You are most likely to be reading this because you are having problems establishing a good sleep pattern and maybe you are wondering whether hypnosis will work for you… Or, maybe you are looking on behalf of someone else; perhaps a loved one of someone who is currently struggling. The answer is a Resounding Yes.

It is now well accepted by many people that poor sleep is mainly associated with Three Causes:

  • A change of sleep routine – commonly associated with ex-shift workers or life changes.
  • Pain & discomfort disturbing you
  • Nervous tensions like fear of the dark, irrational fears of danger & hypersensitivity to noise etc.

Linked to Depression – Yes, practically every depressed person I see has a sleep problem; either under or over-sleeping.

Either way, waking up tired and lacking energy.

All of these causes respond really well to my tried and tested hypnosis approach. Call me and I will explain how.
Poor sleep is damaging to our health and wellbeing and recent research indicates it can shorten your life too.

A discount will apply for people who are unable to work due to their sleep problem, or who are retired.

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