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Positive Lifestyle Choices

Providing innovative help for individuals and teams – offering effective approaches and technologies for making positive wellbeing & wellness happen for you.


Here you will find a selection of courses for helping you to boost your health, wellbeing and resilience. Whether you want to learn about and master the stress in your life, or better manage and recover from a long-term condition, such as chronic pain, obesity, high blood pressure, ME, FM, or whatever. There is likely something here for you.

Understanding and managing stress

Developing your 21st Century working and living skills and having control in REAL TIME. This course is adaptable to the specific requirements of participants. It is valuable to anyone, whether to improve your physical or mental health, or strengthen your resilience etc.

Managing Chronic Pain

A tried and tested approach, using an innovative step by step approach to wellness. It has been found that over 60% of people with depression or anxiety have an underlying and unresolved chronic pain problem. This course is designed to take participants through the recovery steps.

Self Hypnosis

Learn how you can use the wonderful power of hypnosis to enhance the quality of your life, whether to improve your physical and mental wellbeing, to boosting your performance in sport and leisure etc.

Lifestyle Weight Management

This course is based on many of the techniques used in hypnosis, and much, much, more. This course will help you to take control of the habits and behaviours that cause us to eat and drink in ways that put weight on.

Each course I run includes very powerful and effective tools, including: HeartMath, hypnosis, mindfullness, and clinically orientated NLP

With my considerable experience of helping people, I feel I can breathe some fresh air into your life that you won’t regret. I can help in any number of ways, including dedicated or bespoke packages for employers or community groups, or maybe you are looking for your self.

Whatever, I will do my best to help and I am only a phone call, Text, or Email away.

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