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Past Life Regression

Ever wondered what it would be like to visit a past life! Brian Cooper is a qualified advanced regression practitioner and would love to help you. In addition to your experience, you will be given a live recording together with a complementary cd which will enable you to re-visit your past lives as often as you wish, in the comfort of your own home.


Travelling back into a past life, looking into the future, exploring your present life. These are interests lots of people ask me about, usually for recreational or curiosity interest. Whatever your beliefs about this, being regressed back in time can not only feed your interest, it is actually a very valuable therapeutic value too.

Jill’s Session

Jill contacted me recently. Having been curious for a long time about the idea that we may have lived before – if fact, it is generally believed we have had several lives before this one. Initially nervous, she easily settled into hypnosis, which after all is very natural,gentle, and very relaxing. We always seek out a positive past life and I am regularly impressed with peoples recall. You will remember everything after the session and certainly have something to talk about with your friends.

Simon’s Session

Simon came to see me recently to help him to get rid of his anxiety and panic that had developed 2 years previously while he was having some relationship difficulties. When we discussed his history it was clear that he had experienced these symptoms as far as he could remember but the stress of the relationship issues made it much worse. Before coming to see me he had tried a number of therapies and even medication, but although he felt some relief it wasn’t enough and Simon was desperate to overcome the symptoms. By going back to the roots of where his symptoms were coming from he was able to clear them out completely and make a complete recovery. Not only was he able to feel calm under stress afterwards, he discovered more energy and vitality and his sleep improved greatly too.

Brian can also offer a Past Lives group or party sessions.

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