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Panic, Anxiety & OCD

Overcome anxiety, panic, ocd problems easily and effectively. No longer allow these symptoms to rule your life. Hypnotherapy is very gentle and relaxing and you will always feel in control.


Anxiety within normal limits is a perfectly healthy signal as it makes us consciously aware of potential danger or that we might be moving out of our comfort zone. Many would say it is a healthy thing to do to gently stretch our comfort at regular intervals in order to grow in , confidence and strength.

What Causes A Panic Attack?

When we are going through a difficult time, we tend to have more negative thoughts such as worry, frustration, anger etc. Negative thoughts generate stress hormones, where as positive thoughts: love, gratefulness, joy etc. generate positive hormones: these relax us and lift our mood. We need a mixture of both, especially to get through a busy or active day.

When we allow too many stress hormones to be released, our body associates it with danger and thus there more that flow in sets off a chain of events, for example: your muscles demand more oxygen, therefore your heart works harder, and demands more oxygen from our lungs, so your breathing increases. Your blood is directed to your essential organs and your mouth goes dry, your stomach tightens.

If this process continues, just like in a real ‘life-or-death’ emergency, when you actually need an emergency response to deal with a sudden threat, the same effect is triggered. We call it the ‘Flght or Flight’ response. Only, there is not actually any danger. It is a Stress Response.

In a normal situation this helpful and can save our life, but not if it triggers at other times when we are not in any real danger, just visiting our local supermarket, on the bus, train, driving etc.

I have helped many people to overcome panic by understanding and treating the underlying stress generating cause

In some cases, panic can be associated by a past trauma, where your subconscious can misconstrue what is going on presently with past events; even suppressed ones.

Brian will be able to explain all you need to know about why this keeps happening to you and he will help you take control back and almost certainly help you to stop them from happening again.

What Brian will do to help you:

  • You will gain a good and easy way of understanding what is causing you to feel the way you do.
  • I will teach you some effective techniques for managing and controlling your stress and how to stop and switch off panic & anxiety symptoms.
  • Trauma can be usually be dealt with quickly and painlessly using proven techniques.
  • You will learn some quick to do techniques, using the latest Mind-Body technology that can speed up your recovery.
  • You will learn how and why anxiety, panic and anger is often linked to depression, which also can usually be lifted easily and getting you back on track with your life again.

You don’t have to suffer needlessly. Ask me how I can help you today by asking for a completely free consultation.

Whilst many people feel much better after one session, overcoming anxiety often requires a few sessions before you feel back in control and recovered so you will need to commit yourself to this. However,it may also be possible to offer you easy terms of payment if due to your problem you feel you cannot afford to pay just at the moment. You can also ask your employer, or GP to fund you.

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