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Overcoming Sea Sickness

Is sea sickness preventing you from cruising, or getting on a boat and spoiling your enjoyment of life?
If you love the idea of cruising or boat trips then sea sickness can deprive you of a really great holiday. Cruising is now one of the most popular ways of holidaying, with more and more cruise ships and destinations than ever.
Sea sickness often occurs after a first trip on a boat, and like flying, a fear can develop even before setting sale. Though sometimes sea sickness can occur as a result of a particularly bad journey – many blame the Bay Of Biscay, which can be rough sometimes. But either way, it is entirely possible to rid yourself of the problem of sea sickness without expensive injections from the ships doctor, or medication that makes you so drowsy you can’t enjoy yourself.

How Hypnosis Helps
Hypnosis helps by addressing the part of the subconscious mind that took this fear on board (no pun intended).
Hypnosis is very gentle, yet very effective and often involves just a single session (which is likely to be cheaper that the injection) and you also get a complimentary cd recording you can use as often as you need to feel fully confident, ready for your holiday. Hypnosis has successfully helped many people to overcome sea sickness. It will guide you into a gentle state of relaxation during which time the deepest part of your subconscious mind will be receptive to the positive suggestions you will be given.

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Please note: some people get motion sickness due to an inner ear problem so you may wish to check with your GP first.


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