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Overcome Bullying and Harassment

Overcome Bullying and Harassment

Bullying and harassment is a big issue for anyone and if not treated effectively, can ruin lives!

A few people have approached me recently asking whether hypnosis can help, and the answer I gave was a very big YES, it can. Bullying causes misery. It interferes with learning, social development, and health and well-being too. If you are worried, why not ask me about the various ways I can help, such as confidence, self-belief, self-esteem and assertiveness.

And it is not just children who suffer from Bullying.

Adult bullying has been around for as long as we can remember, but is it on the increase again?

Workplace bullying may occur for many reasons but it has a devastating effect on the victim, and even their family. Over the last few decades, much more protection has been given to employees and of course employers can face punative compensation claims if their rights and conditions are not respected..

Bill was a skilled and knowledgeable nurse manager with a track record of innovation in his earlier career. Being passionate about making a difference, he wanted to ‘make it happen’ in his new job and soon began to develop a good reputation in the new service he was developing. Things changed for him though when the organisation went into reorganisation and he got a new boss, who he said had a reputation for making efficiency savings and little interest in patient care. His new boss had a reputation for getting what he wanted and didn’t mind how he got there either. Bill raised his concerns with his boss and even took out a grievance, only to end up feeling worse.

By helping Bill to reduce his stress, he was able to think more rationally about his situation and begin to decide what he wanted to do. He decided he needed to be more assertive and to re-build his self-esteem, his confidence and his self-belief. After each session of hypnosis, he listened daily to the cd he was given to further strengthen what happened in the session. He re-engaged with the gym, started playing five-aside football again. His sleep improved and he began to feel much more in control at work. Being able to manage his emotional reactions, even under provocation has also made a big difference to how he handles his boss now.

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