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Losing Weight

Lose weight easily and effectively with the power of hypnosis. Want to achieve your ideal size and weight but feel you lack the motivation and willpower to achieve the results you want!. Is your weight causing health worries such as over-eating, comfort eating, festive binging, emotional eating!


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Do you find yourself over-indulging! Can’t seem able to lose it and keep it off! Hypnosis is different as it helps you to get to the roots of your eating problem, and hypnosis can work out cheaper for you as it is quick and effective.


Habits are stored in our subconscious and that is why hypnosis is so powerful. Let Brian Cooper help you overcome your problem by literally helping you to get to the root of your problem with a very effective weight loss approach that will quickly give you the control you want and eliminate cravings, Yes, change the relationship you have with food and drink for ever – not the pleasure!

Enjoy your food the way nature intended. Food is one of our most important pleasures in life. Imagine being motivated to actually enjoy the process of managing your weight. Brian offers you the best weight management techniques available, at an affordable price. A recent client wrote:

I have tried everything to help me with my weight issue. It is only hypnotherapy that has allowed my mind to help me change – best money I have spent. MS

Achieve your ideal weight naturally, and without needing to follow a restrictive diet. Brian is very caring and approachable so why not get in touch with him today and find out how you can benefit too. Brian offers all the latest techniques.

Lose weight, get rid of obesity, and help you to enjoy good health and vitality.

Hypnotherapy and Weight Loss

Hypnosis is very gentle and relaxing. and nothing like stage hypnosis. It is very poweful and you will find yourself eating and doing things differently, because in hypnosis, your old eating habits are over-written by powerful new ones

As we move through our life journey we sometimes pick up emotional issues that affect our wellbeing. Many people turn to food for comfort as a coping strategy. with modern day living and the increasing pressures being placed on us we are also experiencing more stress in our lives than ever and this can have a hugh impact on our eating habits. Most of us are eating differently, and our habits have changed too. We also have much more stress in our lives.

Stress has a direct and indirect impact as it interferes with normal metabolism. That why it seems some people only have to look at food to put on weight.

Comfort or emotional eating has risen rapidly over recent years and can also be likened to binge eating. Scientists put this down to your stomach reacting to stress, which is eased when food is eaten. This can be why some people feel addicted to eating, and put on excess weight.

The problem with diets is that they rely on you to make conscious changes eating and drinking in ways that eventually cause you to give up. Diets, like diet clubs only work for so long. However, with hypnosis, you will be approaching your eating and drinking in a very different way. With hypnosis, you will get to the roots of your own unique problems and needs and eliminate any blockages, and then you will replace your old habits with new very effective ones.

If you have heard of ‘The Law Of Attraction’, you will be aware that what we think of we manifest into our lives. Hypnosis will help you to get rid of those old negative self-image thoughts and replace them with positive ideas about eating and about you.

Well I hope I have convinced you enough to get in touch with me to find out how I can help you.

Also ask Brian how he can help you to stop your addiction to chocolate, sweets, biscuits etc. usually in one session…

Typical Problems

  • Easy effective weight loss
  • Comfort or emotional eating
  • Binge eating habits
  • Over eating
  • Boredom eating
  • Obsessional eating
  • Chocoholic
  • Sugar or sweet addiction
  • Night-time eating
  • Morbid over-eating habits
  • Slower Eating & Drinking
  • Stress & Weight
  • Motivation to Lose Weight
  • Exercise motivation
  • Psychological Issues
  • Eating solids & Fads
  • Festive Over-Eating
  • Healthy Eating
  • Maintaining Weight Loss

Yes, quite a list isn’t it. But if your needs are not there, just ask me……

When you begin your chosen therapy with me you will go home with a CD recording you can use so each time you listen it will be just like having another session of hypnotherapy in the comfort and safety of your own home, and each time you listen you will be reinforcing all the work that we have done while we have been together, making it even easier and easier every day to achieve the weight you want.

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