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Overcome Loneliness

There are all sorts of reasons why people feel lonely and hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner, Brian Cooper is here to help.

Maybe it may feel that there is no-one to share your life with – that nobody really cares about what you do or say?
Are you shy and feeling increasingly isolated from people to the point where you no longer feel bothered to make the effort to go out and meet others? Maybe you really do want to, but you are finding it difficult to leave your safe cocoon. And each time you pluck up the courage to give it a try, you end up feeling panicky so stop.

You have probably tried to do it yourself, but find that you can’t. That is why you now need some help; perhaps it is why you are reading this.

Many people feel isolated from their friends and family, especially when their immediate family move far away and their social circle is ever dwindling. Or perhaps you have lost someone from your life and can’t seem to get started again. There are many reasons for being lonely and not really know the reason why.

Feeling lonely can cause immense feelings of sadness and can ultimately lead to depression, withdrawal, self-abuse and other worrying symptoms.
If you suffer from loneliness then you should never feel afraid to reach out and let people know how you feel. Most people have been there at some stage in their life and will respond positively to someone who needs help.

You might even be doing them a favour because it will make them feel as though they are doing something worthwhile – or perhaps they feel the same way as you but don’t have the courage to admit it..

If you contact Brian Cooper, he will explain how what you are experiencing occurs and talk you through what can done to help you overcome your loneliness. His approach is very gentle and relaxing too.

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