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Hypnotherapy Can Help with Chronic Pain

Overcome Chronic or Persistent Pain?

There are real alternatives for managing and overcoming your pain problem. Hypnosis is a very powerful method of doing this. Unfortunately, it is unlikely to be available on the cash-strapped NHS, but if I asked you: ‘would you be satisfied if you could reduce your pain by at least fifty percent!’ What would be your answer! Of course, the aim is to get it much lower – and importantly – put you back in charge.

Hypnosis does not have to be expensive either – especially in the long-run.

As someone who ran a successful pain management program for a leading charity, Brian Cooper saw lots of people who had given up on the medical approach – usually sympathetic but often just told there was nothing that can be done: ‘ just get on with it’ and prescribing strong opiate medicines, which unfortunately cause nasty side-effects, and potential addiction [Anton Dec]. Unhelpful suggestions like: ‘its bone-on-bone’ do not help either.

When ‘Pain Gets On Our Bus’, we find it difficult to get on with our normal daily living, and our life becomes more and more stressful. It is also known that negative stress amplifies the pain signal, thus creating a cycle of pain, poor sleep and depression. If your pain was caused by an accident at work, it gets increasingly difficult to get back, leading to financial consequences.

Mary worked as a Nurse, and one day hurt her back lifting a heavy patient into bed, resulting in having to give up the job she loved. She was prescribed codeine and referred for some physio, which helped a little but nobody explained to her how she could rehabilitate herself back to work or able to carry on with her normal social and domestic activities. Having an active and sporty outlook,  it wasn’t surprising, therefore that she developed anxiety and depression.

Louisa came to see me due to her problems driving due to her ‘frozen’ shoulder worsening. She was on sick-leave, and couldn’t return as she needed to drive, and her medication was preventing her. When we discussed her history, she revealed that it originally started in her early 20s when she met her partner. Her family didn’t approve and she said she was ‘frozen out’ by them. More recently, she had begun having relationship problems with her partner. After 2 sessions, she was able to return to work, and overcame the problem completely…

To achieve these results, a number of techniques were put together, with each session building on from the last one, until you feel you are where you need to be to get on with your life. Furthermore, I am based in a specialist pain management centre that can offer you a comprehensive service.

I am always willing to chat with you about your painful condition and there is absolutely no obligation to come and see me, and I will gladly signpost you to something more helpful if you wish.

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