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Feeling Stressed Out?

Feeling Stressed Out?

Going through a bad time and constantly feeling overwhelmed! Want fast and effective help from a specialist who can really help!
Do not let negative stress ruin your life. Get help to bring it under control. Brian Cooper has years of experience and expertise for helping you do this.

Firstly, I will explain what stress is, and what happens to you if you have too much. You will then be offered a range of really helpful tools that really work.

Stress causes all sorts of ailments, including anxiety, panic, low mood, depression, poor sleep as so much more. Evidence shows that when you learn to manage it effectively, your symptoms will lift, and you will start to feel better and much more in control.

‘Peter started having problems when a new head teacher took over at the school he worked at as a teacher. The job he loved doing became a nightmare when impossible targets were being set and he felt he was being picked on as ‘under-achieving’.

The problem is that the more stressed we get, the more profound the problem becomes and the harder it is to access the rational part of our minds to problem solve.

“The quality of your individual world depends on your skill in managing and using data that pours into you: The better you are at operating your body’s data processing systems, the more accurate your understanding of the world.

and the more accurate your impressions of the world around and within you, the better chance you have of responding to the world in the manner most effective for you and those with whom you associate”.

Negative stress also leads to poor health and wellbeing, at its worst, it is one of our greatest killers. Stress also causes anger, anxiety, increased chronic pain, IBS, high blood pressure, FM, ME, chronic ill health, even diabetes to name but a few.
– Scott Shuster, Founding Director, Executive Programs, business Week, Forward, From ‘Chaos to Coherence’

Feeling the pressure at work? Is is affecting your performance or maybe putting you off going for promotion? Out of work and trying to get back on the career train again? Trying for a baby but it’s not happening? Smoking, over-eating or an increasing reliance on alcohol?

These are but a few indicators of the increasing stress we are living with as we negotiate the pressures of 21st Century life, and our minds and bodies were just not designed for this. How many times have you upgraded your mobile, your computer, even the technology of your car – how has this impacted on your job, your family life, your sense of control?

Common symptoms of underlying stress can be many fold: disturbed sleep, increased blood pressure, anxiety, depression, weight gain, smoking more – despite wanting to quit! Stress also weakens our immune system and affects our working memory too.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could upgrade our own computer – our mind – in the same way we do with our gadgets and tools! Well we can! That is because our subsconscious is where our programming is centred and it contains everything we have ever learned and it is what causes us to respond to the world around us in the way that we do – good or bad.

Tools such as hypnosis, hypnotherapy and nlp work by accessing the subconscious and enabling change. It has been referred to by many as ‘software for the brain’

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