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Fear of Flying

Fear of flying! Flying confidence! Turbulence! Brian Cooper will help you overcome this easily so you can start flying with confidence and look forward to your holiday.


Jane came to see Brian because she was terrified of flying. Her fears were getting worse and the last time she flew, she experienced a panic-attack which put her off flying for a few years. When her daughter living in Canada got pregnant, she decided she had to get over her fear so she could be with her. The treatment he gave her was simple and effective and after her trip, Jane said she felt a little nervous before the flight but was amazed at how calm and relaxed she felt during the flight. Her flight home was fine too. All the symptoms gone! I could repeat this story many times for all the people I have helped with this easy to treat a fear of flying.

So what causes us to have a fear of flying then?

It may have developed following a bad experience, such as a fright or trauma, but often it develops from something which has been present in other aspects of your life, such as the ‘need to feel in control’, or sensitive to confined spaces etc. There is often a history of the symptoms getting worse after each trip. Whatever the cause, Brian has the skills and experience to get to it’s root, and clear it.

So what happens to you?

Typically, a few days before you are due to travel, you start to think about your past experiences and your thoughts increase and intensify the more you do this.

Every negative thought has a feeling attached to it. That feeling is an imbalance in your body’s nervous system. Whatever positive thought you try to focus on, negative thoughts jump up to get in the way. This is due to the body’s survival mechanism being over-enthusiastic about it’s job. Based on past experience, it perceives danger in what you are wanting to do. It’s warning you that the last time you did something even remotely similar, it resulted in feeling bad – so it brings up the negative feelings ahead of time to make sure you don’t do it. Negative feelings lead directly to negative thoughts.

The survival mechanism is doing its job, but a little bit too well – it gets confused with the complexities of modern life, and starts matching situations to past experiences that aren’t really relevant, and bringing up feelings of danger when there are none.

Fears and phobias are learned experiences and therefore can be unlearned. Hypnosis, together with a range of gentle techniques I use, reconstruct the inappropriate ‘pattern-matches’ to the bad experience of flying (or other fears/phobias). That way the nasty symptoms you were experiencing don’t come up, you don’t think negative thoughts, and it becomes possible to enjoy flying and enjoy your holiday or business trip.

Short-haul, or long-haul, or fear of air turbulence

Whether it is a fear of flying or one of many fears you have, Brian Cooper has the answer.

Effective Hypnosis together with some easy to learn techniques for emotional Self-Regulation: managing your reactions in Real-Time and having control. No more palpitations, churning stomach, panic, anxiety….

Imagine yourself feeling free at last, those uncomfortable symptoms gone! Free of this Fear…..Flying confidence in sunderland north east Now walking down a path towards a beautiful beach you had previously only dreamed of experiencing. Best of all, it probably cost you no more than your typical flight supplement…. Yes, it’s that easy!

Make this a thing of the past by dealing with it NOW!

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