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Exercise & Fitness Motivation

Motivation for Exercise, Fitness Wellbeing and Weight


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Exercise for health and fitness

Are you struggling to get into an exercise routine to boost your fitness and wellbeing!

Hypnosis is a really great way of getting on track by developing a strong motivation to exercise and reach your goals, and often a single session is enough to help you on your way. In addition to the comfortable and relaxing session, you also get a recording of the session so you can keep getting the motivational messages you need to keep going and really achieve your goals.

Whether its to get yourself fit and trim for your holiday, wedding or special event, lose weight, lower your blood pressure, or maybe just improve your wellness, You are going to feel the benefit. And what’s more, you can even take advantage of the private gym facilities and exercise in private* There is no need to start by signing up to your local gym unless you decide this is right for you – there are lots of ways to boost your fitness.

I remember a gym manager friend commenting that so many join his gym and commit to a full years membership fees, to only weeks later hardly turn up and thus waste their valuable money. If that sounds like you? Don’t be defeated. You can do it and with my help, you will find the way. And it is easier than you think

Having a long-term medical condition or suffering from chronic pain can also benefit you too.

Imagine having a new internal mind-set reminding you of the benefits and your positive thoughts so that you look forward to exercising rather than seeing it as an effort or a chore that can be put off till tomorrow. Remember how it feels after a good workout!

Brian Cooper can design a personalized approach which will work for you. Imagine you have your own internal coach and trainer, always keeping you on track.

Patricia came to see me for help to lose the extra weight she had put on having raised her children and gone through the menopause. She had some initial hypnosis for weight control but really wanted to boost her fitness levels too. She was also anxious about ‘being on show’ at the local gym so welcomed the opportunity to have some fitness training. She had a session of motivational hypnosis and  afterwards, Brian introduced her to a fitness coach for private gym sessions.

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*at a private gym under the supervision of a fully qualified professional known to Brian Cooper