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Exercise & Fitness Motivation

Motivation for Exercise, Well-Being, and Fitness

New Year – New You

It is that time of year again where we start to think about making improvements to our life.

Would you like some effective help to improve your fitness and well-being and maybe get yourself fit and trim for your holiday, wedding, or special event, or maybe just improve your wellness, but feel you lack the motivation to keep it up? Would you like to get some help to really make it work for you this time by developing your motivation for exercise so you keep going and really benefit this year? Lets face it, lots of people decide to get fit. Some join a gym or sign up to a class, other take up jogging, or some other sporting activity.

Gym managers will tell you that many join and commit to a full years membership fees when, having tried and got frustrated with dieting, join the gym, only to weeks later hardly turn up and thus waste their valuable money. If that sounds like you? Don’t be defeated. You can do it and with my help, you will find the way. And it is easier than you think.

Maybe you want to incorporate it into your desire to lose weight too. Hypnosis is great for helping you to get rid of old, persistent habits.

Did you make previous commitments to get your act together but found after around 4 to 6 weeks you lost that motivation, and now you are looking for something different that works?  Hypnosis and NLP are techniques that can help you overcome those barriers, and what have you to lose, or more likely – think how you are going to feel once you have that great routine!

Imagine having a new internal drive reminding you of the benefits and your positive thoughts so that you look forward to exercising rather than seeing it as an effort or a chore that can be put off till tomorrow, then next week and so on. Maybe something else is currently stopping you such as ‘self-consciousness’, or chronic pain. We all have to start somewhere and Brian Cooper can design a personalized approach which will work for you. Imagine having your own internal coach and trainer, always keeping you on track.
Maybe improve your weight management program and go that extra mile.

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