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Exam Nerves

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Are you one of those people who get very nervous leading up to your exams? Lots of people get very anxious and the more anxious you become, the harder it is to revise and perform on the day. Brian Cooper has helped lots of people overcome this problem so that they are able to go on to successful careers. If you are one of these people, its time to get some help now so that you are calm and ready.

Nichola contacted Brian when her worrying was so bad it was making her feel sick; such that she was finding it difficult to go in to college, or even socialise in case she vomited. Tom sought help because he couldn’t sit still and revise, or get his head round his subject – on a previous occasion he had a panic attack in the exam room and had to run out…


If you think I might be able to help please email or text me and I will arrange a suitable time to explain how I can help you to overcome this, and the strategies you will develop to aid your success in the exam room. Sessions can be arranged in either Denton or Stockport. If you know somebody else who might be interested pass this on to them too

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