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Chronic & Persistant Pain

Don’t let Pain ruin your life! There really is another way fortunately, so read on and discover how Brian Cooper, a very experienced Pain Management Specialist can offer you a really effective alternative approach to overcoming chronic pain.


Working as a therapist for a leading mental health charity some years ago, we identified that over 60% of people seeking help with depression, had an underlying chronic pain issue. I was privileged to be given the opportunity to develop and manage a Government funded project to address this need, and we experienced a high success rate.

What I learned from doing this work is now available to you, so maybe you don’t need put up with your pain any longer. Don’t let pain destroy your life any longer! As a hypnotherapist and pain management consultant I want to shout from the roof tops that it really is possible. Hypnosis has been used for Centuries to manage pain and now much refined, its power is available to you and a very reasonable cost – you cannot get this help on the NHS unfortunately.

Before we go any further though, I should remind you that pain is a very important indicator that something might be wrong! so before seeking my help it is important that any undiagnosed  painful symptom are checked-out by your GP first. Brian will check this out with you first.

Brian uses a range of therapeutic approaches he learned  from developing and managing the Pain Management project which he took to different parts of the Country and was invited to run a seminar at a GP conference on ‘Medically Unexplained’ Symptom Management, where he presented his work at a National conference, Several doctors attending commented on their lack of knowledge in treating chronic pain and the need for more creative treatments. As a few GPs said to me: ‘the medical profession are very good at treating acute pain issues, but as pain persists and stops you doing things, it takes on another form that is often resistant to even the strongest medication’.

In addition to powerful hypnotic techniques, Brian will also teach you some very effective strategy steps he learned through the project  that can make a BIG difference to your life. So, it really is possible to get relief from your painful condition. There are lots of things you can do with a little bit of know-how.

In addition to his skills in hypnotherapy, Brian is a specialist in several powerful therapies that he can combine the most powerful approach that will help you.  Brian also has several years experience registered nurse and therapist with many years experience of disability and long-term medical conditions.

Learn from Brian about the various alternatives that are complementary to medical help.

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Brian Cooper is based in Sunderland and helps people from all over the North East of England, including Durham, South Shields, Gateshead, Hartlepool etc.