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Anger & Depression

Free yourself from depression, anxiety and or anger. Brian Cooper is a specialist in mental health and wellbeing and has helped a lot of people to learn how to get back in control again, lift depression, and overcome and manage anxiety and anger problems to get their lives back. Let him help you too.


Depression is very overwhelming and debilitating when it enters our life, but for the vast majority, it is not a disease or permanent condition and importantly, with the right help, it can be lifted completely with just a few sessions – see below.

Brian has several years experience of helping people to overcome such problems as anxiety, depression, panic, and anger. He will establish the causative factors and help you to plan your effective recovery. To help you, he will if necessary work out a payment plan to get you started as soon as possible. He may also be able to assist people receiving Direct Payments.

What Causes Depression, Makes us Angry or Panicky?

When we are going through a difficult time, we tend to have more negative thoughts such as worry, frustration, anger etc. Negative thoughts generate stress hormones, where as positive thoughts: love, gratefulness, joy etc. generate positive hormones: these relax us and lift our mood. We need a mixture of both, especially to get through a busy or active day. Excessive stress hormones also affect our short-term memory, interfere with our ability to rationalise, causing ‘black and white thinking’, blocks production of the sleep hormone melatonin, and seratonin which lifts our mood and regulates our dream sleep. It also increases chronic pain and weakens our immune system.

Sleep: Depressed people either under-sleep, usually due to excessive worrying, or they sleep too long but still wake up lacking energy and motivation and our mood is low.

When we allow too many stress hormones to be released, our body associates it with danger and thus the more that flow in sets off a chain of events, for example: your muscles demand more oxygen, therefore your heart works harder, and demands more oxygen from our lungs, so your breathing increases. Your blood is directed to your essential organs and your mouth goes dry, your stomach tightens.

You may begin to feel irritable and short-tempered; snappy, or maybe anxious

If this process continues, just like in a real ‘life-or-death’ emergency, when you actually need an emergency response to deal with a sudden threat, the same effect is triggered. We call it the ‘Flight or Flight’ response. Only, there is not actually any danger. It is a Stress Response.

In a normal situation this helpful and can save our life, but not if it triggers at other times when we are not in any real danger, yet we feel this rush of adrenaline and have a sudden anger outburst, or our over-worked heart and lungs go into spasm and we experience a panic attack or suspect we are having a heart attack.

And all of this can usually be turned around in just a few simple and logical steps, without the need for lengthy and expensive counselling or medication.

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